[announce] No HTML messages or holy wars, thank you

Deb Richardson deb at linuxchix.org
Fri Mar 31 07:54:36 EST 2000

Hi all.

Hate to be a pain, but it's for your own good:  I ask again that
everyone please only send plain-text mail to the LinuxChix mailing
lists.  If you don't know how to shut off HTML formatting, then please
refrain from posting until you figure it out.  

Why no HTML?  Well, these lists are devoted (quite specifically) to
Linux, and there are lots of people who use text-only mail clients in
Linux.  Sending HTML-formatted messages is rude and unnecessary.  Please
don't do it.  Trust me, you'll get this same request on almost all other
mailing lists, too.

Thank you.

Also, keep the Windows vs. Linux wars off the lists.  Senseless holy
wars are stupid and waste everyone's time.  Linux is better for some
stuff, Windows (yes) is better for others.  Everyone is allowed an
opinion, but please voice them in other forums.

This goes for editor wars (go vi! woo!) too ;>

- deb

"I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend,
 to the death, your right to say it."       - S. G. Tallentyre 

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