[announce] notes re: website

Deb Richardson deb at hub.org
Thu Jun 1 00:51:32 EST 2000

Just so no one thinks I've wandered off and completely abandoned the
website, here's an update:

1) My "call for volunteers" has been successful, and my efforts to
delegate some of the basic maintenance tasks are proving successful :) 

2) I'm in the process of completely rebuilding the site from the ground
up (same design, completely different back end & features) using Zope
(http://www.zope.org).  I like Zope.  A lot.

3) Unless I hit a major snag of some sort, the new site should be up
within a week (give or take a couple of days).

4) When it's done, updates will happen much much much more quickly (I've
just not had time in the past few months to really do anything with it)
The site will spring back into life.  Honest :)  I'm adding some pretty
neat features to it, but I'm going to keep it all quiet until a) I'm
sure they'll all work, and b) they're ready for beta testing.

As always, thanks so much for your patience.  I know that many of you
have sent me stuff for the site and/or email asking questions about
chapters/profiles. I'm really sorry I've not responded, but I really
have been insanely busy lately.

- deb

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