[announce] LinuxChix Chicago

Elizabeth Cortell liz at zrusilla.com
Tue Apr 25 12:52:01 EST 2000

I'd like to introduce myself as the self-appointed LinuxChix Chicago

My name is Liz Cortell, and I'm a Senior Web Developer at Playboy.com.
I'm 37 (count 'em! 3 - 7) years old; married to an architect, and have a
ten-month-old son named Arlo.

I've been in the computing business for about eight years, although I
helped my mother pull apart and reassemble computers before that.

I run MkLinux on an old PowerMac at home. It coexists peacefully with a
Windoze box and a blue and white Mac on our home network.  My husband
and I also look forward to hacking an i-Opener to run Linux.

My home page is http://www.zrusilla.com.   When you visit, be sure to
send yourself a subpoena from Kenneth Starr.  Also, if anyone would like
to help me put some real content into the Scandinavian Mail-Order
Husband Page, I'd appreciate it.

Additionally, I maintain the web page for our condo association
(b-o-o-o-o-r-i-n-g)  at  http://www.penthouselofts.com and donate space
to Future/Now Films (http://www.futurenowfilms.com).

I don't have a whole lot of spare time (see the part about having a
baby) but when I do I'd be happy to put together a Linuxchix meeting.
Does anyone else on this list live in or around Chicago?


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