[Actionchix] HTML cleanup

Gloria strangest at comcast.net
Tue May 9 14:05:19 EST 2006

> If anyone has ideas or wants to get involved in proposing guidelines for
> the import, feel free to speak out (mostly it's me and Chris talking
> right now).  Apologies for things taking a while -- I think both Chris
> and I have gotten hit with a few things lately (the consulting life --
> feast or famine). My schedule at least is going to be a bit more
> reasonable again soon.
I am busy right now too, but if you need a specialized script to 
prepend/replace/add tags, reformat in some pattern, or any sort of 
regex/filter type stuff, let me know. I am not sure if what you're doing 
matches any pattern (wherever you see X replace with Y, etc). But if it 
does, let me know, and I can help.

The regex queen, (hee hee)

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