[Actionchix] Font licences

Mary Gardiner mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Tue May 2 08:48:56 EST 2006

Advanced warning to design contest entrants, please make sure that:
 - you check what licence any custom fonts you use (eg in images) are
   under; and
 - that you let me know.

Non-Free fonts won't necessarily be a problem, but I think we'd prefer
fonts that can be used on, eg, LinuxChix T-Shirts and the like, so I'd
prefer that the font licencing can't be overly restrictive either. And
we certainly need the font to be legal for use at least on a public



PS Note that this is not inspired by any particular designer's existing
choice of font, I just didn't anticipate the problem when I did the
entry announcement and I should have: use of text in a particular font
is pretty common in designs and logos.

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