[Actionchix] Update requests

Gloria Willadsen strangest at comcast.net
Tue May 2 00:20:08 EST 2006

Mary Gardiner wrote:

>1. Dancer, what's the status of the server move? I guess it's kind of
>orthogonal to the projects here, but I'm still interested.
>2. Jen, Gloria, how are the migration scripts coming along?
All of what you had was static content, and did not require an XML 
migration script. Plus, I leared in my research that writing such a 
generic migration script is flawed, because of the limitations of object 
definitions and how much of that can really be migrated through another 
interface. XML, pickle, etc. all end up losing something in the 

So I told Jen that I thought it best to just either reference her static 
content direcly, or export from the old and import to the new manually. 
She agreed, said she had done that, and asked us all to review what she 
had imported from the old site.

I told her that if in the future, you need an XML feed reader, or some 
specific data sucked in/out of Plone, to let me know and I'll write that 
script wih no problem. It is easier if the data set is well defined, 
instead of trying to write something generic and losing/mistranslating 
some of it.


>3. Designers, how are you doing? Who are you all anyway? ;)
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