[Actionchix] Snapshots of the linuxchix site, reference for designers

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Mon Mar 27 15:50:26 EST 2006

For reference of potential site designers, a snapshot of the linuxchix
site can be downloaded from:

 - http://users.puzzling.org/users/mary/tmp/linuxchix/lcxsite.tar.bz2
 - http://users.puzzling.org/users/mary/tmp/linuxchix/lcxsite.zip [1.4M]

Please DO NOT attempt to download the whole www.linuxchix.org site
directly: it is currently on a slow and possibly expensive connection.
Do not inconvience our sysadmins. If you for some reason want to see the
absolute latest version of any individual page you can of course head
over there, but don't download the whole site, use one of my versions


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