[Actionchix] Announcing Ubuntu's MOTU School

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Thu Dec 1 14:45:21 EST 2005

Hello Chix,

There are many Chix who use Ubuntu and I wanted to share that a
Ubuntus MOTU School has just been announced. If you want to learn
about packaging or testing for Ubuntu this is the place to go to and
ask questions.
Here is the detailed email about this ....

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we just started a new MOTU project with the name "Ubuntus MOTU School".

This idea was born just as a spontaneous introduction session for a single
MOTU hopeful, to show him the usage of diff and patch, to avoid using dpatch
or cdbs stuff in his package. During this session some other MOTUs and MOTU
hopefuls were joining this channel and were listening to what I had to say.

So from just a "stupid and joke-ish" idea to a real serious project it is not
a big step.
We think, that we need to do more educational stuff for new packagers/package
mergers and bug fixing people in the Ubuntu Universe.

For this, we created the #ubuntu-motu-school channel, to teach, explain and
talk about the basics of packaging, merging and fixing packages.

Right now, we are trying to build a list of topics about what we can "teach"
or explain to interested new packagers, MOTU Hopefuls or even old cracks like
Andrew or Oliver. :)

We would like to have some core-devs as contributors or better as speaker for
some special topics, which we can't cover, e.g. Scott about "Why do we need
dh_makeshlibs?" or Matthias K. about "C++ Transitions - how to find the right
packages for \sh to rename" or Adam Conrad/LaMont Jones about "The difference
of Pbuilder and sbuild", "What is wanna-build and why does it work?"

We will start with lessons without a real timetable. We will announce the
lessons on the new Ubuntu-motu mailinglist (and ubuntu-devel mailinglist if
it's appropriate).

For every lesson one "motu pupil" has to sum up the important parts of the
lesson and will publish it on a "to be named" wiki page, so everybody can
read again and again the important informations.
With the time going on, we can try to build a small collection of really good
documentations about debians way of packaging.

If there are enough attendees who are interested in those lessons I can think
even of open this channel up for other topics like "Tool programming in
Python" or "How to use bzr correctly" (James Blackwell is the right person
for this topic I think)


Well, just a short annotation why this channel is named "ubuntu-motu-school".

Debian has as first introduction to "packaging" their "Debians New Maintainer
Guide". I for myself, responsible for the name of the channel, don't like
this name at all, because it sounds cold and artificial.
The word "school" is something which sounds warm and is familiar to most of
us. "School" was not all the time, but most of the time "Fun". And if you are
older, just as I am, then the "School" is something you are really missing.
The "Ubuntu MOTU School" is not something with force...only if you are
interested in some really rocking stuff, we will be happy if you join us.

So, I hope you agree with us, that we need to do more "teaching" to bring the
knowledge from us to them and let them be one of us.

We hope you like the idea and we hope you will help us to accomplish this
difficult goal.

Thank you for your attention and have a good morning, afternoon or night,
whereever you are.

For the Ubuntu MOTU Team,

Stephan aka \sh

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The new Ubuntu-motu list can be subscribed to from here:

Hope to see many Ubuntu-Chix there :)

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